Pictures from my life
Hiking in Rocky Point National wildlife reserve. This area was recently hit with a fire (about 10 days before we got there). Bulldozers had obviously had their way with some areas of the forest in an attempt to stop the fire. They seemed mostly successful as the entire place wasn't a charred wasteland (which wouldn't be too bad. Lots of pines in this area need that). Spotted some deer, but they ran away too quick, or were too far away behind thick brush. Couldn't get a shot of them. Sections of this forest were littered with large ant mounds (a foot or two high, about 3 feet in diameter, usually. Some were 6+ feet long. That's alot of ants!). This area, like the Sarnoff preservers, was donated to the state by RCA, so there are remnats of towers and telephone poles and the like throughout the forest.