Pictures from my life
Shots from Shea stadium These are shots from the Mets game on May 10th at Shea Stadium. Most of these shots suck, as I should have used a higher ISO rating so that they wouldn't be as blurry as they are (The camera was set at 100, where I should have used 200 or 400). In any case, they give a good idea of what the TC-DC52 teleconverter can do. It's a 2.4x magnification lense. You can compare image 1548 (full wide) with any of the images of home plate to get an idea of the magnification involved. I used the contunuous shot mode to get most of these pictures and ended up deleting -alot- of them as they were blurry. At this magnification and at the ISO and the resulting exposure speed, alot if the shots were blurry just from the shaking of my hand or some motion from the players. There are some interesting shots regardless. Shot 1691 is my favorite, but it's blurry as hell. Oh well.